Team Rocket Set

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Card Pokémon Card Number Rarity
Abra 49/82 Common
Challenge! 74/82 Uncommon
Charmander 50/82 Common
Dark Alakazam 18/82 Rare Holo
Dark Alakazam 1/82 Rare Holo
Dark Arbok 19/82 Rare Holo
Dark Arbok 2/82 Rare Holo
Dark Blastoise 20/82 Rare Holo
Dark Blastoise 3/82 Rare Holo
Dark Charizard 21/82 Rare Holo
Dark Charizard 4/82 Rare Holo
Dark Charmeleon 32/82 Uncommon
Dark Dragonair 33/82 Uncommon
Dark Dragonite 5/82 Rare Holo
Dark Dragonite 22/82 Rare Holo
Dark Dugtrio 6/82 Rare Holo
Dark Dugtrio 23/82 Rare Holo
Dark Electrode 34/82 Uncommon
Dark Flareon 35/82 Uncommon
Dark Gloom 36/82 Uncommon
Dark Golbat 7/82 Rare Holo
Dark Golbat 24/82 Rare Holo
Dark Golduck 37/82 Uncommon
Dark Gyarados 8/82 Rare Holo
Dark Gyarados 25/82 Rare Holo
Dark Hypno 26/82 Rare Holo
Dark Hypno 9/82 Rare Holo
Dark Jolteon 38/82 Uncommon
Dark Kadabra 39/82 Uncommon
Dark Machamp 27/82 Rare Holo
Dark Machamp 10/82 Rare Holo
Dark Machoke 40/82 Uncommon
Dark Magneton 11/82 Rare Holo
Dark Magneton 28/82 Rare Holo
Dark Muk 41/82 Uncommon
Dark Persian 42/82 Uncommon
Dark Primeape 43/82 Uncommon
Dark Raichu 83/82 Rare Holo
Dark Rapidash 44/82 Uncommon
Dark Raticate 51/82 Common
Dark Slowbro 12/82 Rare Holo
Dark Slowbro 29/82 Rare Holo
Dark Vaporeon 45/82 Uncommon
Dark Vileplume 13/82 Rare Holo
Dark Vileplume 30/82 Rare Holo
Dark Wartortle 46/82 Uncommon
Dark Weezing 31/82 Rare Holo
Dark Weezing 14/82 Rare Holo
Digger 75/82 Uncommon
Diglett 52/82 Common
Dratini 53/82 Common
Drowzee 54/82 Common
Eevee 55/82 Common
Ekans 56/82 Common
Goop Gas Attack 78/82 Common
Grimer 57/82 Common
Here Comes Team Rocket! 15/82 Rare Holo
Here Comes Team Rocket! 71/82 Rare
Imposter Oak's Revenge 76/82 Uncommon
Koffing 58/82 Common
Machop 59/82 Common
Magikarp 47/82 Uncommon
Magnemite 60/82 Common
Mankey 61/82 Common
Meowth 62/82 Common
Nightly Garbage Run 77/82 Uncommon
Oddish 63/82 Common
Ponyta 64/82 Common
Porygon 48/82 Uncommon
Psyduck 65/82 Common
Rattata 66/82 Common
Rocket's Sneak Attack 16/82 Rare Holo
Rocket's Sneak Attack 72/82 Rare
Sleep! 79/82 Common
Slowpoke 67/82 Common
Squirtle 68/82 Common
The Boss's Way 73/82 Uncommon
Voltorb 69/82 Common
Zubat 70/82 Common

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