EX Unseen Forces Set

Browse list of all Pokémon cards by set in EX Unseen Forces

Card Pokémon Card Number Rarity
Aipom 34/115 Uncommon
Ampharos 1/115 Rare Holo
Ariados 2/115 Rare Holo
Bayleef 35/115 Uncommon
Bellossom 3/115 Rare Holo
Blissey ex 101/115 Rare Holo
Celebi ex 117/115 Rare Holo
Chansey 20/115 Rare
Chikorita 51/115 Common
Chinchou 52/115 Common
Clefable 36/115 Uncommon
Clefairy 53/115 Common
Cleffa 21/115 Rare
Corsola 37/115 Uncommon
Croconaw 38/115 Uncommon
Curse Powder 80/115 Uncommon
Cyndaquil 54/115 Common
Eevee 55/115 Common
Electabuzz 22/115 Rare
Elekid 23/115 Rare
Energy Recycle System 81/115 Uncommon
Energy Removal 2 82/115 Uncommon
Energy Root 83/115 Uncommon
Energy Search 94/115 Common
Energy Switch 84/115 Uncommon
Entei ☆ 113/115 ShinyRare Holo
Espeon ex 102/115 Rare Holo
Feraligatr 4/115 Rare Holo
Feraligatr ex 103/115 Rare Holo
Flaaffy 56/115 Common
Flareon 5/115 Rare Holo
Fluffy Berry 85/115 Uncommon
Forretress 6/115 Rare Holo
Gligar 57/115 Common
Gloom 58/115 Common
Granbull 39/115 Uncommon
Hitmonchan 24/115 Rare
Hitmonlee 25/115 Rare
Hitmontop 26/115 Rare
Ho-Oh 27/115 Rare
Ho-Oh ex 104/115 Rare Holo
Hoothoot 59/115 Common
Houndoom 7/115 Rare Holo
Houndour 60/115 Common
Jolteon 8/115 Rare Holo
Jynx 28/115 Rare
Lanturn 40/115 Uncommon
Larvitar 61/115 Common
Lugia 29/115 Rare
Lugia ex 105/115 Rare Holo
Magcargo 41/115 Uncommon
Mareep 62/115 Common
Mary's Request 86/115 Uncommon
Meganium 9/115 Rare Holo
Meganium ex 106/115 Rare Holo
Miltank 42/115 Uncommon
Murkrow 30/115 Rare
Natu 63/115 Common
Noctowl 43/115 Uncommon
Octillery 10/115 Rare Holo
Oddish 64/115 Common
Onix 65/115 Common
Pineco 66/115 Common
Poké Ball 87/115 Uncommon
Pokémon Reversal 88/115 Uncommon
Politoed ex 107/115 Rare Holo
Poliwag 67/115 Common
Poliwhirl 68/115 Common
Poliwrath 11/115 Rare Holo
Porygon 69/115 Common
Porygon2 12/115 Rare Holo
Potion 95/115 Common
Professor Elm's Training Method 89/115 Uncommon
Protective Orb 90/115 Uncommon
Pupitar 70/115 Common
Quagsire 44/115 Uncommon
Quilava 45/115 Uncommon
Raikou ☆ 114/115 ShinyRare Holo
Remoraid 71/115 Common
Rocket's Persian ex 116/115 Rare Holo
Scizor ex 108/115 Rare Holo
Scyther 46/115 Uncommon
Shuckle 47/115 Uncommon
Sitrus Berry 91/115 Uncommon
Slowbro 13/115 Rare Holo
Slowking 14/115 Rare Holo
Slowpoke 72/115 Common
Slugma 73/115 Common
Smeargle 48/115 Uncommon
Smoochum 31/115 Rare
Snubbull 74/115 Common
Solid Rage 92/115 Uncommon
Spinarak 75/115 Common
Stantler 32/115 Rare
Steelix ex 109/115 Rare Holo
Sudowoodo 15/115 Rare Holo
Suicune ☆ 115/115 ShinyRare Holo
Sunflora 16/115 Rare Holo
Sunkern 76/115 Common
Teddiursa 77/115 Common
Totodile 78/115 Common
Typhlosion 17/115 Rare Holo
Typhlosion ex 110/115 Rare Holo
Tyranitar ex 111/115 Rare Holo
Tyrogue 33/115 Rare
Umbreon ex 112/115 Rare Holo
Unown O/28 Rare Holo
Unown E/28 Rare Holo
Unown C/28 Rare Holo
Unown F/28 Rare Holo
Unown B/28 Rare Holo
Unown A/28 Rare Holo
Unown G/28 Rare Holo
Unown H/28 Rare Holo
Unown N/28 Rare Holo
Unown I/28 Rare Holo
Unown T/28 Rare Holo
Unown S/28 Rare Holo
Unown R/28 Rare Holo
Unown Q/28 Rare Holo
Unown P/28 Rare Holo
Unown D/28 Rare Holo
Unown J/28 Rare Holo
Unown K/28 Rare Holo
Unown L/28 Rare Holo
Unown M/28 Rare Holo
Unown ?/28 Rare Holo
Unown !/28 Rare Holo
Unown Z/28 Rare Holo
Unown Y/28 Rare Holo
Unown X/28 Rare Holo
Unown W/28 Rare Holo
Unown V/28 Rare Holo
Unown U/28 Rare Holo
Ursaring 18/115 Rare Holo
Vaporeon 19/115 Rare Holo
Warp Point 93/115 Uncommon
Wooper 79/115 Common
Xatu 49/115 Uncommon
Yanma 50/115 Uncommon

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