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Card Pokémon Card Number Rarity
Altaria RC24/RC32 Uncommon
Articuno 25/83 Rare
Blastoise-EX 17/83 Rare Holo
Butterfree 5/83 Rare
Caterpie 3/83 Common
Charizard RC5/RC32 Uncommon
Charizard-EX 11/83 Rare Holo
Charmander RC3/RC32 Common
Charmeleon RC4/RC32 Common
Chikorita RC1/RC32 Common
Clefable 51/83 Uncommon
Clefairy 50/83 Common
Clemont 59/83 Uncommon
Cloyster 20/83 Rare
Crushing Hammer 60/83 Uncommon
Dedenne RC10/RC32 Uncommon
Diancie RC22/RC32 Rare Holo
Diglett 38/83 Common
Dodrio 56/83 Rare
Doduo 55/83 Common
Dugtrio 39/83 Rare
Energy Switch 61/83 Uncommon
Espurr RC14/RC32 Common
Evosoda 62/83 Uncommon
Flab RC17/RC32 Common
Flareon-EX RC6/RC32 Rare Holo
Flareon-EX RC28/RC32 Rare Holo
Fletchling RC25/RC32 Common
Floette RC18/RC32 Uncommon
Floral Crown RC26/RC32 Common
Froslass RC8/RC32 Uncommon
Gardevoir-EX RC30/RC32 Rare Holo
Gastly 33/83 Common
Gengar 35/83 Rare Holo
Geodude 43/83 Common
Golbat 31/83 Uncommon
Golem 45/83 Rare
Golem-EX 46/83 Rare Holo
Graveler 44/83 Uncommon
Gulpin RC12/RC32 Common
Gyarados 23/83 Rare
Haunter 34/83 Uncommon
Hitmonchan 48/83 Uncommon
Hitmonlee 47/83 Uncommon
Imakuni? 63/83 Uncommon
Jirachi RC13/RC32 Uncommon
Jolteon-EX 28/83 Rare Holo
Jynx 36/83 Rare
Krabby 21/83 Common
Leafeon-EX 10/83 Rare Holo
Machamp 42/83 Rare Holo
Machoke 41/83 Uncommon
Machop 40/83 Common
Magikarp 22/83 Common
Magmar 16/83 Common
Maintenance 64/83 Uncommon
Max Revive 65/83 Uncommon
Meowstic RC15/RC32 Rare
Meowstic-EX 37/83 Rare Holo
Meowth 53/83 Common
Metapod 4/83 Uncommon
Mr. Mime 52/83 Rare
Ninetales-EX 13/83 Rare Holo
Olympia 66/83 Uncommon
Paras 6/83 Common
Parasect 7/83 Rare
Persian 54/83 Common
Pikachu 26/83 Common
Pikachu RC29/RC32 Common
Pinsir 9/83 Uncommon
Poké Ball 67/83 Uncommon
Pokémon_Center_Lady 68/83 Uncommon
Pokémon_Fan_Club 69/83 Uncommon
Ponyta 14/83 Common
Raichu RC9/RC32 Rare Holo
Raichu 27/83 Rare Holo
Rapidash 15/83 Uncommon
Red Card 71/83 Uncommon
Revitalizer 70/83 Uncommon
Rhyhorn 49/83 Common
Shauna 72/83 Uncommon
Shellder 19/83 Common
Shroomish RC2/RC32 Common
Slowpoke 32/83 Common
Slurpuff RC20/RC32 Uncommon
Snorlax 58/83 Rare
Snorunt RC7/RC32 Common
Swablu RC23/RC32 Common
Swirlix RC19/RC32 Common
Sylveon-EX RC21/RC32 Rare Holo
Sylveon-EX RC32/RC32 Rare Holo
Tangela 8/83 Common
Tauros 57/83 Rare
Team Flare Grunt 73/83 Uncommon
Vaporeon-EX 24/83 Rare Holo
Venusaur-EX 1/83 Rare Holo
Wally RC27/RC32 Uncommon
Wobbuffet RC11/RC32 Uncommon
Yveltal RC16/RC32 Rare
Zapdos 29/83 Rare
Zubat 30/83 Common

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