EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua Set

Browse list of all Pokémon cards by set in EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua

Card Pokémon Card Number Rarity
Absol 96/95 Rare Holo
Archie 71/95 Uncommon
Blaziken ex 89/95 Rare Holo
Bulbasaur 39/95 Common
Cradily ex 90/95 Rare Holo
Cubone 40/95 Common
Dual Ball 72/95 Uncommon
Entei ex 91/95 Rare Holo
Jigglypuff 41/95 Common
Jirachi 97/95 Rare Holo
Maxie 73/95 Uncommon
Meowth 42/95 Common
Pikachu 43/95 Common
Psyduck 44/95 Common
Raichu 13/95 Rare
Raikou ex 92/95 Rare Holo
Sceptile ex 93/95 Rare Holo
Slowpoke 45/95 Common
Squirtle 46/95 Common
Strength Charm 74/95 Uncommon
Suicune ex 94/95 Rare Holo
Swampert ex 95/95 Rare Holo
Team Aqua Ball 75/95 Uncommon
Team Aqua Belt 76/95 Uncommon
Team Aqua Conspirator 77/95 Uncommon
Team Aqua Hideout 78/95 Uncommon
Team Aqua Schemer 69/95 Common
Team Aqua Technical Machine 01 79/95 Uncommon
Team Aqua's Cacnea 24/95 Uncommon
Team Aqua's Cacturne 1/95 Rare Holo
Team Aqua's Carvanha 47/95 Common
Team Aqua's Carvanha 25/95 Uncommon
Team Aqua's Carvanha 48/95 Common
Team Aqua's Chinchou 49/95 Common
Team Aqua's Corphish 26/95 Uncommon
Team Aqua's Corphish 51/95 Common
Team Aqua's Corphish 50/95 Common
Team Aqua's Crawdaunt 14/95 Rare
Team Aqua's Crawdaunt 2/95 Rare Holo
Team Aqua's Electrike 52/95 Common
Team Aqua's Electrike 53/95 Common
Team Aqua's Electrike 27/95 Uncommon
Team Aqua's Kyogre 3/95 Rare Holo
Team Aqua's Lanturn 28/95 Uncommon
Team Aqua's Manectric 4/95 Rare Holo
Team Aqua's Manectric 29/95 Uncommon
Team Aqua's Mightyena 15/95 Rare
Team Aqua's Mightyena 30/95 Uncommon
Team Aqua's Poochyena 55/95 Common
Team Aqua's Poochyena 54/95 Common
Team Aqua's Sealeo 16/95 Rare
Team Aqua's Sealeo 31/95 Uncommon
Team Aqua's Seviper 17/95 Rare
Team Aqua's Sharpedo 18/95 Rare
Team Aqua's Sharpedo 5/95 Rare Holo
Team Aqua's Spheal 57/95 Common
Team Aqua's Spheal 56/95 Common
Team Aqua's Walrein 6/95 Rare Holo
Team Magma Ball 80/95 Uncommon
Team Magma Belt 81/95 Uncommon
Team Magma Conspirator 82/95 Uncommon
Team Magma Hideout 83/95 Uncommon
Team Magma Schemer 70/95 Common
Team Magma Technical Machine 01 84/95 Uncommon
Team Magma's Aggron 7/95 Rare Holo
Team Magma's Aron 59/95 Common
Team Magma's Aron 58/95 Common
Team Magma's Baltoy 32/95 Uncommon
Team Magma's Baltoy 60/95 Common
Team Magma's Baltoy 61/95 Common
Team Magma's Camerupt 19/95 Rare
Team Magma's Claydol 8/95 Rare Holo
Team Magma's Claydol 33/95 Uncommon
Team Magma's Groudon 9/95 Rare Holo
Team Magma's Houndoom 34/95 Uncommon
Team Magma's Houndoom 10/95 Rare Holo
Team Magma's Houndour 63/95 Common
Team Magma's Houndour 35/95 Uncommon
Team Magma's Houndour 62/95 Common
Team Magma's Lairon 20/95 Rare
Team Magma's Lairon 36/95 Uncommon
Team Magma's Mightyena 21/95 Rare
Team Magma's Mightyena 37/95 Uncommon
Team Magma's Numel 64/95 Common
Team Magma's Poochyena 66/95 Common
Team Magma's Poochyena 65/95 Common
Team Magma's Rhydon 11/95 Rare Holo
Team Magma's Rhydon 22/95 Rare
Team Magma's Rhyhorn 38/95 Uncommon
Team Magma's Rhyhorn 68/95 Common
Team Magma's Rhyhorn 67/95 Common
Team Magma's Torkoal 12/95 Rare Holo
Team Magma's Zangoose 23/95 Rare
Warp Point 85/95 Uncommon

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