EX Dragon Frontiers Set

Browse list of all Pokémon cards by set in EX Dragon Frontiers

Card Pokémon Card Number Rarity
Altaria ex δ 90/101 Rare Holo
Ampharos δ 1/101 Rare Holo
Arbok δ 13/101 Rare
Bagon δ 43/101 Common
Bayleef δ 26/101 Uncommon
Buffer Piece 72/101 Uncommon
Charizard ☆ δ 100/101 ShinyRare Holo
Chikorita δ 44/101 Common
Cloyster δ 14/101 Rare
Copycat 73/101 Uncommon
Croconaw δ 27/101 Uncommon
Cyndaquil δ 45/101 Common
Dewgong δ 15/101 Rare
Dragonair δ 28/101 Uncommon
Dragonite ex δ 91/101 Rare Holo
Dratini δ 46/101 Common
Ekans δ 47/101 Common
Electabuzz δ 29/101 Uncommon
Elekid δ 48/101 Common
Feebas δ 49/101 Common
Feraligatr δ 2/101 Rare Holo
Flaaffy δ 30/101 Uncommon
Flygon ex δ 92/101 Rare Holo
Gardevoir ex δ 93/101 Rare Holo
Gligar δ 16/101 Rare
Heracross δ 3/101 Rare Holo
Holon Legacy 74/101 Uncommon
Holon Mentor 75/101 Uncommon
Horsea δ 50/101 Common
Horsea δ 31/101 Uncommon
Island Hermit 76/101 Uncommon
Jynx δ 17/101 Rare
Kingdra ex δ 94/101 Rare Holo
Kirlia 32/101 Uncommon
Kirlia δ 33/101 Uncommon
Larvitar 51/101 Common
Larvitar δ 52/101 Common
Latias ex δ 95/101 Rare Holo
Latios ex δ 96/101 Rare Holo
Ledian δ 18/101 Rare
Ledyba δ 53/101 Common
Lickitung δ 19/101 Rare
Mantine δ 20/101 Rare
Mareep δ 54/101 Common
Meganium δ 4/101 Rare Holo
Mew ☆ δ 101/101 ShinyRare Holo
Milotic δ 5/101 Rare Holo
Mr. Stone's Project 77/101 Uncommon
Natu δ 55/101 Common
Nidoking δ 6/101 Rare Holo
Nidoqueen δ 7/101 Rare Holo
Nidoran♀ δ 56/101 Common
Nidoran♂ δ 57/101 Common
Nidorina δ 34/101 Uncommon
Nidorino δ 35/101 Uncommon
Ninetales δ 8/101 Rare Holo
Old Rod 78/101 Uncommon
Pinsir δ 9/101 Rare Holo
Professor Elm's Training Method 79/101 Uncommon
Professor Oak's Research 80/101 Uncommon
Pupitar 58/101 Uncommon
Pupitar δ 59/101 Common
Quagsire δ 21/101 Rare
Quilava δ 36/101 Uncommon
Ralts 60/101 Common
Ralts δ 61/101 Common
Rayquaza ex δ 97/101 Rare Holo
Salamence ex δ 98/101 Rare Holo
Seadra δ 22/101 Rare
Seadra δ 37/101 Uncommon
Seel δ 62/101 Common
Shelgon δ 38/101 Uncommon
Shellder δ 63/101 Common
Smeargle δ 39/101 Uncommon
Smoochum δ 64/101 Common
Snorlax δ 10/101 Rare Holo
Strength Charm 81/101 Uncommon
Swablu δ 65/101 Common
Swellow δ 40/101 Uncommon
Switch 83/101 Common
TV Reporter 82/101 Uncommon
Taillow δ 66/101 Common
Togepi δ 41/101 Uncommon
Togetic δ 11/101 Rare Holo
Totodile δ 67/101 Common
Trapinch δ 68/101 Common
Trapinch δ 69/101 Common
Tropius δ 23/101 Rare
Typhlosion δ 12/101 Rare Holo
Tyranitar ex δ 99/101 Rare Holo
Vibrava δ 42/101 Uncommon
Vibrava δ 24/101 Rare
Vulpix δ 70/101 Common
Wooper δ 71/101 Common
Xatu δ 25/101 Rare

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